Week 6 Update

I reckon she’s settling in quite fast. On the first night I got up 8 times between 11:30pm & 6am, Sunday night only 6 times, & last night only 4 times! All with the complete cycle of toilet training, feeding, playtime & then the blissful sleep whilst my body recovers from the brutalising it just got in playtime! She is slowly learning not to bite me, but that she can chew on one of the multiple chew-toys she has to select from. Seems she has a preference for a soft rubber one impregnated with vanilla scent, well, as a second choice after me…

Here is some more puppy cuteness for you all. Now just turned 6 weeks of age, she has put on over a kilogram of weight during this last 7 days.

Here’s a collection of captures of her taken today, with her doing what she loves to do, snoozing, chewing, chewing some more (at least it wasn’t on me this time), asking to play, & helping to weed the garden.

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