Week 13 Update

A visual mega-update on Fenna who is now fully immunised & can finally get out & about safely, without risk of illness. This is from Mondays venture along the South coast here, as we visited 4 beaches for the last few long exposure images for my upcoming exhibition. This was her first visit to the beach & she absolutely loved it. At each beach I had the end of her lead fixed to one of the belt loops on my jeans, so I could work with both hands free & she was an absolute trooper! Even as we clambered over uneven & ridged rocks at the first beach.

She is only 13 weeks old & already sits, waits, & lays on vocal command. She travels really well in my support workers 4WD, laying down on the back seat on her travel blankie, without complaint.

She’s currently growing about 4cm in length, 3cm in height & is putting on a bit over a Kg of weight per week! She’s just a smidge over 12Kg in weight at the moment.

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