Finding Fenna

Finding Fenna” was surprisingly easy & quick!

After an amazing encounter with a large Assistance Animal ( an American Labrador) at a Trauma Survivor’s group that I was attending, where the dog applied Deep Pressure Therapy to me whilst I was dissociating during the telling of my story of trauma; I researched this phenomenon intensely & discovered that I too could gain access to an Assistance Animal & the benefits they offer as a permanent part of your life. One of the canine breeds shown to be effective in Deep Pressure Therapy application that came up a few times in stories I read of returned veterans living with PTSD was the Mastiff. Now I have had a soft spot for Mastiff’s since being a young lad! This was serendipity, indeed!

I was able to find a litter of Mastiff X pups not too far way that were extremely reasonably priced (within my frugal budget) as they were an accidental litter, that were created when a couple were looking after their daughter’s female English Mastiff X Rhodesian Ridge-back who got impregnated by their pure-bred male French Mastiff (Dogue de’Bordeaux).

Upon seeing the litter of 8 pups for the first time, at a very young age of just 3 weeks, I got down on all fours in their enclosure with my head down & Fenna came bounding over to me; none of the other pups were even remotely interested in me. It seemed that she had chosen me! Identifying her was easy, as she had a pronounced dark stripe running down the base of her back. The picture above was taken on that first day, with me cuddling her & she fell asleep in my arms very fast.

I went back the following week, trying the same thing again & Fenna came bounding across to me again. That nailed it, she had indeed chosen me!

The following couple of photo’s are of her in amongst her litter-mates, she has the pronounced dark streak on her lower back.

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